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Bio of Chris Spears

Being an athlete and fitness nut my entire life, I saw my health decline when I took my first Corporate America job at age 30. The office environment stunned me where not only did I see myself gain 40 pounds over a 5-year period, but I witnessed how unhealthy most of my coworkers were. I spent the next year getting myself back into shape, but noticed at 36 it was much harder than when I was younger. This prompted my journey into personal training. I became certified through ISSA in 2006 and have been a full-time personal trainer ever since. Now at 44 I continue to educate myself and experiment with ways to get fit the fastest and stay fit the easiest. I have developed a system of working out 3 days a week (in 50-minute sessions) and created a strategy for nutrition that keeps me fit with very little effort. I even enjoy a few beers, pizza, ice cream or anything I want a few times a week. My clients experience results and workout to live not live to workout. I have trained clients from age 14 to 84. If you are interested in learning how to workout and apply a nutrition strategy that will allow you to spend less time in the gym and more time living please call me so we can work on your goal together.

The pic on the left is me today at 44 and the pic of me on the right was when I was 32 and 40lbs heavier.  

32 44 Pics


Here is a before and after 3 years ago when I gained and lost 20lbs in 3 months to experiment with the best techniques.  I am always experimenting on myself so my clients can be sure they get the latest and best techniques possible to lose weight, get fit, and stay in shape.

2011 Before After Pics